Tony Magner
November 2005
Solo Show
Group Show 17
March 2006
Tony Magner, Tatiana Zayka, Fabio D'Aroma, Wu Jian, Jean-Paul Courchia, Alfred Schatz, Jim Shack, Rachel Press Solasz, Lois Gallagher, Michael Henry, Marylou Cerqua, Fred Rose, Lauren Raphael, Michael Muller, Shelley Haven, Stewart Nachmias
Tatiana Zayka
May 2006
"Deer Symphonies" Solo Show
Fabio D'Aroma
June 2006
Solo Show
Earth in Paint & Mud
October 2006
Shelley Haven, Arturo Guerrero, Michael Henry, Lois Gallagher, Fred Rose, Scott Bartolomei Edmunds
November 2006
Nicolos Mocan, Michael Muller, Frank Muzzy, Rachel Press Solasz, Jim Adams, Scott G. Brooks, Fabio D'Aroma, Keith Goldstein
Mid-Century Design & New Century Art
December 2007 
In collaboration with Corrine Robbins.  
Jim Adams, Fabio D'Aroma, Ana Fitzpatrick, Keith Goldstein, Michael Henry, Tony Magner, Michael Muller, Frank Muzzy, Rachel Press Solasz, Donna Senger
Bare Body & Soul
February 2007
Charles Ramsburg
"Totems & Icons"
March 2007
Solo Show
April 2007
Debby Lee Cohen, Lois Gallagher, Jacinta Hayne, Michael Henry, Judy Dion Londa, Eric Pederson, Charles Ramsburg, Donna Senger, Jimmy Wright
Minimal Art & Design - June 2007 - Featuring works by William Dunlop, Keith Goldstein and Jorge Rojas
Scott G. Brooks, Tony Magner & Alfred Schatz
September 2007
John Gonzalez & Scott Bartolomei Edmunds
October 2007
New Works
Winifred McNeil & Rachel Press Solasz
November 2007
New Works
Black White Shades of Grey
February 2008
Charles Ramsburg, Jacinta Hayne, Fernando Reyes, Keith Goldstein, John Findysz, Tatiana Zayka, John Gonzalez
Richard Taddei
March 2008
Solo Show
Michael Muller & Alexander Vasiljev
April 2008
New Works
Judy Dion Londa, Lois Gallagher, Michael Henry
May 2008
New Works
Joseph Radoccia
October 2008
New Works
Body of Work
November 2008
John Woodrow Kelley, Victor Gadino, William H. Crist, Fabio D'Aroma
Jimmy Shack
Numbers & Letters
February 2009
Paintings and Ceramics
Charles Ramsburg
March 2009
New Drawings
Victor Gadino
The Art of Romance
April 2009
Paintings for Romance Novel Covers
The Landscape
May 2009
David Heath, Kevin Adams, Miranda Girard, Robert Goldstrom, Joseph Radoccia
Reed Massengill & Richard Taddei
Brian & Sasha
September 2009
Photographs and Paintings of Models Brian and Sasha
John Gonzalez
October 2009
Solo Show
Rachel Press Solasz
November 2009
Solo Show
Jeffrey Dion, Brian Kreydatus, Steven Labadessa
November 2009
New Works
December 2009
Miranda Girard, Robert Goldstrom, Michael Henry, John Neely, Charles Ramsburg, Alfred Schatz, Jimmy Shack, David Sokosh, Tatiana Zayka
Jefferson Hayman
January 2010
New Works
The Flower Show
February 2010
Bruce Boyd, Miranda Girard, Shelley Haven, Joseph Radoccia, Charles Ramsburg, Colleen Sandland, Donna Senger, Milton Sonday
Kevin Adams 
March 2010
New Works
April 2010
Adam Doyle, Adam Freed, Miranda Girard, Keith Goldstrom, Robert Goldstrom, Michael Henry, Andrew Reeves, Fred Rose, Hara Seltzer, Harry Solasz, Tatiana Zayka
The Disciplines of Art: Drawing
May 2010
Charles Ramsburg, Jeffrey Bye, John Gonzalez, Michael Henry, Steven Labadessa, Shelley Haven, Victor Gadino
Wu Jian
May 2010
Solo Show
Pick 6
June 2010
A collaboration between mdh fine arts and Corinne Robbins
Jeffrey Bye, James O. Clark, Risa Glickman, Kenneth Hayden, Michael Muller, Gabriella Mlynarczyk, John-Paul Philippe, Rachel Press Solasz, Corinne Robbins, Donna Senger, Jimmy Shack, Ann Walsh
Stephen DeStefano
September 2010
Black/White - A Retrospective