Past Exhibitions

Tony Magner - November 2005 - Solo Show
Group Show 17 - March 2006 - Featuring works by Tony Magner, Tatiana Zayka, Fabio D'Aroma, Wu Jian, Jean-Paul Courchia, Alfred Schatz, Jim Shack, Rachel Press Solasz, Lois Gallagher, Michael Henry, Marylou Cerqua, Fred Rose, Lauren Raphael, Michael Muller, Shelley Haven, Stewart Nachmias
Tatiana Zayka - May 2006 - "Deer Symphonies" Solo Show
Fabio D'Aroma - June 2006- Solo Show
Earth in Paint & Mud - October 2006 - Featuring Paintings by Shelley Haven and Arturo Guerrero and Ceramics by Michael Henry, Lois Gallagher, Fred Rose, Scott Bartolomei Edmunds
Form - November 2006 - Featuring Nicolos Mocan, Michael Muller, Frank Muzzy, Rachel Press Solasz, Jim Adams, Scott G. Brooks, Fabio D'Aroma, Keith Goldstein
Mid-Century Design & New Century Art - December 2007 - In collaboration with Corrine Robbins.  Featuring works by: Jim Adams, Fabio D'Aroma, Ana Fitzpatrick, Keith Goldstein, Michael Henry, Tony Magner, Michael Muller, Frank Muzzy, Rachel Press Solasz, Donna Senger
Bare Body & Soul - February 2007
Charles Ramsburg "Totems & Icons" - March 2007 - Solo Show
Rebirth - April 2007 - Featuring works by: Debby Lee Cohen, Lois Gallagher, Jacinta Hayne, Michael Henry, Judy Dion Londa, Eric Pederson, Charles Ramsburg, Donna Senger, Jimmy Wright
Minimal Art & Design - June 2007 - Featuring works by William Dunlop, Keith Goldstein and Jorge Rojas
Scott G. Brooks, Tony Magner & Alfred Schatz - September 2007 - New Works
John Gonzalez & Scott Bartolomei Edmunds - October 2007 - New Works
Winifred McNeil & Rachel Press Solasz - November 2007 - New Works
Black White Shades of Grey - February 2008 - Featuring works by Charles Ramsburg, Jacinta Hayne, Fernando Reyes, Keith Goldstein, John Findysz, Tatiana Zayka, John Gonzalez
Richard Taddei - March 2008 - Solo Show
Michael Muller & Alexander Vasiljev - April 2008 - New Works
Judy Dion Londa, Lois Gallagher, Michael Henry - May 2008 - New Works
Joseph Radoccia - October 2008 - New Works
Body of Work - November 2008 - Featuring works by: John Woodrow Kelley, Victor Gadino, William H. Crist, Fabio D'Aroma
Jimmy Shack "Numbers & Letters" - February 2009 - Paintings and Ceramics
Charles Ramsburg - March 2009 - New Drawings
Victor Gadino "The Art of Romance" - April 2009 - Paintings for Romance Novel Covers
The Landscape - May 2009 - Featuring works by: David Heath, Kevin Adams, Miranda Girard, Robert Goldstrom, Joseph Radoccia
Reed Massengill & Richard Taddei "Brian & Sasha" - September 2009 - Photographs and Paintings of Models Brian and Sasha
John Gonzalez - October 2009 - Solo Show
Rachel Press Solasz - November 2009 - Solo Show
Jeffrey Dion, Brian Kreydatus, Steven Labadessa - November 2009 - New Works
Angels - December 2009 - Featuring works by: Miranda Girard, Robert Goldstrom, Michael Henry, John Neely, Charles Ramsburg, Alfred Schatz, Jimmy Shack, David Sokosh, Tatiana Zayka
Jefferson Hayman - January 2010 - New Works
The Flower Show - February 2010 - Featuring works by: Bruce Boyd, Miranda Girard, Shelley Haven, Joseph Radoccia, Charles Ramsburg, Colleen Sandaled, Donna Senger, Milton Sonday
Kevin Adams - March 2010 - New Works
Flight - April 2010 - Featuring works by: Adam Doyle, Adam Freed, Miranda Girard, Keith Goldstrom, Robert Goldstrom, Michael Henry, Andrew Reeves, Fred Rose, Hara Seltzer, Harry Solasz, Tatiana Zayka
The Disciplines of Art: Drawing - May 2010 -  Featuring works by: Charles Ramsburg, Jeffrey Bye, John Gonzalez, Michael Henry, Steven Labadessa, Shelley Haven, Victor Gadino
Wu Jian - May 2010 - Solo Show
Pick 6 - June 2010 - A collaboration between mdh fine arts and Corinne Robbins featuring works by: Jeffrey Bye, James O. Clark, Risa Glickman, Kenneth Hayden, Michael Muller, Gabriella Mlynarczyk, John-Paul Philippe, Rachel Press Solasz, Corinne Robbins, Donna Senger, Jimmy Shack, Ann Walsh
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