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Tatiana Zayka


Tatiana Zayka's professional artistic career spans more than three decades and two continents.  Her work, with its combination of classical technique and American interest in innovation, has attracted the attention of many.

Zayka graduated from the Moscow Art School at the age of 16.  She continued her education at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute, where upon graduation became a professional artist and teacher.  For ten years, she taught painting, drawing and art history, working at the same time as an artist and participating in exhibitions.  Soon, she became a member of the Union of Russian Artists.

Zayka immigrated to the United States in 1990.  She is currently a resident of New York City.  The main characteristic of Tatiana's creative style is her never-ending quest for the "hidden message".  She is fascinated by art's ability to create imaginary places that reside in our inner selves.  Her works deal with the eternal enigma and mystery of our world: the mystery that can never be fully solved, but only shown in all its fascination complexity and lovingly accepted as such.  Thematically, Tatiana's work ranges through metaphysical landscape, still life, portraiture and animalistic composition.  Still the cornerstone subject of her paintings has always been the light.  "The main focus of my work is the light in its various aspects.  The natural light streaming from a window, the glow of some outer or inner space, and even an imaginary shining.  The light that is the main character of my imageries, is the Light of Love that embraces and transcends everything and everybody.  Sometimes we don't see it behind harsh realities of this world.  But I strongly believe in its omnipotent presence."

In her graphic art, Tatiana prefers a more classical approach.  She likes to create miniatures using academic techniques in shadowing.  The tiny objects of her drawings accumulate her artistic love and pass it on to the viewer...

Girl with a Garland of Yellow Leaves
Deer the Guide
Girl with a Rooster
Guard of Silence
New Generation
The Pony Rider
The Deer Rider
Black and White
Green Apple
White Lilies
Still Life with White Dove
Avec Ma Marmotte
Casta Diva
The Blue Still Life
Kitten in the Garden
The Fawn
Light of Hope
Born to Live
Deer the Warrior
Monkey with Grapes
He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not
The Young Deer
The Egg
Still Life with Chipmunk
The Guide
The Little Thief
The First Snow
Dove Song
Mediterranean Still Life
Metaphysical Still Life
A Teenager
Des Grieux
The Soul
Orange Flowers
The Hatchling
Girl with a Garland
Angel of the Night
Angel Walking in the Mountains
Angel of the Dawn
Angel in Wonderland
Red Lilies
Peanut & Apple Seeds
Seeds & Lemur
Carabus the Beetle
Hesitation of the Ant
Piglet & Acorn
The Smiling Girl
Three Seeds
Beetle with Poppy Head
Three Pencils