mdh fine arts
About Us

mdh fine arts was founded in 2005 as a showcase for work comprising a wide diversity of styles and subject matter.  The gallery, originally located on West 19th Street in New York City, featured paintings, drawings, print-making, sculpture, photography, ceramic arts and design.  Whatever the medium represented, the works were always visually accessible, technically proficient and of important artistic merit and accomplishment.

Michael Henry, founder and owner, has worked in the art field since 1989, first with Merrill Chase Galleries in Denver, Colorado.  "My very first day working for the gallery, was the day the John Lennon exhibition opened and my job was to make sure that Yoko Ono was interesting beginning."  In 1993, Henry moved to New York to work for Marvin Carson at Gallery Revel in SoHo, where he stayed until 2005.  Those twelve years were an invaluable opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional.  Highlights of the five years on 19th Street include a sold out show of work by Tony Magner, Totems and Icons by Charles Ramsburg, and the Art of Romance by Victor Gadino. In 2010, the physical gallery space closed and mdh fine arts went to an online gallery.  mdh fine arts is currently representing the works of Michael Henry and Tatiana Zayka.